Managing Your Wiki Pages

As we keep creating more pages, the page list on the right becomes ridiculously long. You can keep clicking More at the bottom, but who wants to look through the list?

Think of this wiki as you would think of Wikipedia. The list on the right is useful only for small wikis.

To do a Search, as you would do in Wikipedia, click on the Pages and Files link on the right. It displays your pages, 20 at a time. More importantly, you can do a Search, as in Wikipedia, and find anything.

Here's the really advanced concept: To help your readers, you can create your own structures. That's what "links" are all about. Did you see how we created a list of links on the Curriculum Developers page? If someone forgets your name, they can go to the list and find your name. Similarly, the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School page provides links to PA Cyber educators and the PA Cyber home page. Finally, when you click on a page like General Learning Tools, you get a list of relevant learning tools. You are encouraged to create as many lists of links as you want. That's how we provide structure for an otherwise random collection of ideas.

Advanced Editing Features

As far as wikis go, Wikispaces has a lot of advanced wiki features. That's why Wikulum was built on the Wikispaces platform. However, Wikispaces has some notable weaknesses with its editing and formatting features.

As a work-around, you can create the text that you want in Microsoft Word, do a Copy from MS Word, and then Paste inside the wiki. Place your cursor where you want to insert your text, then use Ctrl-V or click right and select Paste.

A lot of MS Word features (though not all) will get copied in. Try it and see if it does what you want. In particular, MS Word can often give you the indenting you want. Regrettably, Wikispaces doesn't have an edit button for indentation.

Indented Bullet Lists

You should be able to indent bulleted lists to create an outline structure. However, Wikispaces does not provide an Indent button. You can create your indented bullet structure in MS Word and then paste it in (see Advanced Editing Features, above), or you can try the following trick.

A "feature" of Wikispaces (which is nice when you want it and annoying when you don't) is that it automatically indents your bullet list one more level if you paste a bullet inside another bullet. This is very odd behavior the first time you see it, but play around with it until it makes sense to you.

Try this:
  1. Copy a bulleted line. (Highlight the text, then use Ctrl-C or else click right and select Copy.)
  2. Go to the end of that line, then Paste the line you copied. (Use Ctrl-V or else click right and select Paste.) Voila! You have an indented bullet!

If you find this behavior confusing, just use MS Word and paste from Word, as described in Advanced Editing Features, above.

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