When providing content for this wiki, please address all relevant aspects of the curriculum. The Connecticut State Department of Education website offers the following list of considerations for curriculum development:
  • meeting the needs of all students
  • learning theory and other cognitive psychology findings on how students learn
  • what determines developmental readiness or developmental appropriateness
  • the current expectations of the field
  • the availability of resources
  • the role and availability of information and technology resources
  • methods and purposes of assessments
  • professional development
They list several other considerations, not mentioned here, for when developing specifically for a school.
Other curriculum development considerations would include:
  • the teaching of 21st century skills, as per the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, including technology, globalism, collaboration, and critical thinking
  • ways to make the content more engaging
  • links to remedial content
  • links to enrichment content (supplemental material), with suggestions for use
  • ways to address the Common Core Standards
  • ways to integrate diverse courses, like math and science or language arts and social studies
  • ways to coordinate curricula across grades

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