Traditional educational approaches aren't achieving the desired goals. Businesses have identified the necessary 21st century skills that students need to learn, but schools and educators are still struggling to implement the necessary reforms.

Here's an idea: Reward the students for demonstrating 21st century skills by exempting them from traditional requirements. Continue to do what you have always done, but see how many students are willing to go the extra mile. Students may choose to do alternatives because (1) they're more fun, (2) they get to play the "rebel," (3) they are earning credentials as a leader, (4) they are improving their chances of getting a good job, or (5) they're getting out of having to do boring work.

This program is called "hacking the educational system" since students have to figure things out for themselves while they "get around the system." However, students will be able to help each other out by sharing "secrets" that they discover.

In short, the program to "hack the educational system" will do what educators have been trying to do for perhaps the last century: trick students into learning by making learning fun or by providing other incentives.

This system is currently being developed by a small group of teachers at PA Cyber. If your school would also like to explore this program, contact Ed Breaux.

Wait! What do you mean by "hack the system"? It sounds illegal.
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