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What Can Wikulum Mean For You?

  • It's a convenient way for teams at your school to work together.
  • It can infuse content for 21st century skills into your curriculum.
  • It can help you to expand your current content in creative ways.
  • It can launch project-based learning at your school.
  • It's a relatively pain-free way to develop new curricula over time.
  • It will offer you opportunities for career advancement, as you earn a reputation as a leader and curriculum developer.

Active Curriculum Development Projects

  • Hack the Educational System - Encourage students to find ways of excelling by defying traditional school approaches.
  • 21st century skillsIntegrate essential, but previously untaught, skills into new and existing curricula.
  • School-to-Workforce PipelineMotivate students by making frequent connections between the classroom and the real world, including guest presenters; position students for employment immediately after graduating high school or college.
  • School, The GameIt may seem far-fetched now, but let's start defining what a curriculum would look like if all assignments and tests were presented in a game-like format. Professional game developers would develop the actual game-based curriculum.
  • Project-Based and Challenge-Based Learning - hands-on projects (typically focused on career interests and/or social causes) permeate the curriculum.
  • Keystone Exam resources (PA)share whatever PowerPoints, activities, etc., that you may have to prepare your students for the Keystone Exams.
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